Announces the good news to the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced nation’s great news in three weeks.

Imran Khan said that NAB will give big people a big sentence, small criminals will be on their own way.

Talking to Senior Journalists, Prime Minister said that Nawaz Sharif has collected billions of rupees abroad abroad.

The prime minister said that the previous governments agreed on the National Action Plan but did not work.

He said that the outfit organizations should have gone away long ago, which we are ending, now we have followed the outfit organizations, will end them.

Prime Minister said that there is no Pakistani involvement in Palma incident, as soon as Jesh Muhammad was named, everyone’s fingers started getting to Pakistan.

Rejecting the possibility of getting petrol on unpaid payment from the United Arab Emirates, Imran Khan said that Pakistan would definitely ask for petrol but the UAE had already told that there is no law to supply petrol on payment of obligation.

The Prime Minister said that the Indian elections will keep hazardous threats to the borders, Modi’s government can do anything at any time to win the election.

He said that the armed forces, the government and the nation are ready for every challenge, every offensive will respond to the break.

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