Effect of the Cultural Gender Role Orientation on Advertising Intrusiveness and the Moderating effect of Self- referencing: An Experimental Study

The concept of the globalization always remains under criticism in advertising literature based on its outcomes like misperception about the identity of women. By considering the emerging phenomenon of globalization in advertising, this study uses the strategy of culture nurturing for examining the advertisements. In this way, this study proposes a new approach to advertising analysis by reconsidering issues related to the presentation of the women which is a sensitive issue in a country like Pakistan. Thus, this study proposes a new model to examine the effects of the cultural gender role orientation on advertising intrusiveness and them oderating effect of self-referencing in this link. The study uses the experimental design 3 (Cultural gender role orientation: Local vs. Glocal vs. Global) X 3 (advertisement: Local vs. Glocal vs. Global) factorial post-test to verify this model on a sample of 150 females. Results reveal that the cultural gender role orientation among women significantly effects the level of the advertising intrusiveness. Further, results suggested that the self-referencing moderates this relationship significantly in all three conditions.

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