five latest best budgeted Huawei phones

Huawei Pro p30

Huawei Pro P30 is the best budgeted Huawei phone available in affordable price.

Launch date: March 2019

Dimension: 158×73.4×8.4mm

Operating System: Android 9

Screen Size: 6.4 Inch

CPU : Kirin 980

Ram : 8 Giga Bites

Storage : 128 Giga Bites

Battery Capacity : 4200 Mah

Back Camera : 40 Mp + 20 MP + 8 Mp Tof

Front Camera : 31 Mega Pixel

Price : Rs. 174,999

Eye catching design display only full High definition EMUI deficiencies polish. The Huawei P 30 pro is best budgeted cheap evergreen mobile phone. We used an noticed when it comes to selfie with the camera p30 pro real and original prize and master piece. A large display 6.47 of Huawei p30 pro may have a full high definition resolution and also sharp and prominent clean vivid colorful and allows wonderful display for your application and high definition games and other surfing. No need to worry when you talk about its performance running out smoothly sharply like water. Wonderful battery time, randomly noticed to the end of the day battery remain charge 30 percent or more. The P30 pro not only has become master piece novel unique prize for Huawei users rather has become unbeatable mobile for other mobile phone companies’ mobile. Quite smart wonderful camera result, prize master piece colorful bright unique than the other phones. It will not wrong Master pie ace prize phone.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The best budgeted viable smart mobile phone

Launch date: Nov 2018

Dimension: 157x72x8.5mm

Operating System: Android 9

Screen Size: 6.3 Inch

CPU : Kirin 980

Ram : 8 Giga Bites

Storage : 256 Giga Bites

Battery Capacity : 4200 Mah

Back Camera : 40 Mp + 20 MP + 8 Mp tof

Front Camera : 26 Mega Pixel

  • On Screen finger print camera
  • Great triple camera
  • UI essentials enhancement
  • Best price

Price : Rs. 149,999

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the best viable budgeted smart mobile phone. It manufactured on the technology of wonderful P20 and p20 pro extended three back camera and an in screen pixel thumb impression scanner. 6.39 Inch large display giving you more fun great room for videos websites tv shows film fare awards episodes’ games allows ensure efficiency on front end great and big everything look. It also extends triple camera on the back, allowing the wonderful 40 Mp, angle and 8 Mp telephoto lenses by the p20 pro but the third camera offers you stuff settings into each shot.

The Mate P20 Pro ever green multi featured phone within affordable price. It has few features you cannot away, whereas more novel spes than more of its rivals.

Huawei P30

Launch Date: March 2019

Wg: 165 G

Operating System : Android 9

Screen Size : 1080x 2340

CPU : Kirin 980

Ram : 8 Giga Bites

Storage : 64 GB-512GB

Battery : 3650 Mah

Back Camera: 40Mp + 16Mp+ 8Mp

Front Cam : 32 MP

Price : Rs. 124,999

The Huawei P30 smart screen phone, and allows three back cameras with 30x zoom range but quiet a best novel smart phone nearby. Very easy to carry than previous mobile phones because of its smartness with 6.1 Inch screen display.

Available with HD lot of color which is the sign of a good mobile phone feature. You would experience excellent battery time from Huawei p30, with smart phone frequently on a one-time charge without any problem. Whereas triple back camera is not much good than the Huawei pro p30 phone camera, but stagnant offer up novel impressive photoshoot feature with 5x, 10x and 30x and huge low light capacity. A handy smart mobile jack and unique may be work more than your expectations definitely bit affordable too.


Huawei P20 Pro

A real mobile phone which is a genuine selfie phone.

Wg: 180 Gram

Dimensions: 155x 73.9x 7.8mm

Operating System: Android 9

Screen Size : 6.1 Inch

Resolution : 1080 x 2240 x

CPU : “Kiran” 970

RAM: “6 GB”

Storage: 128 Giga Bites

Battery : Mah 4000

Back Cam : 40 Mp + 20 MP + 8 MP

Front Cam : 24 Mp

Price : Rs. 99,999

  • Great Battery Time
  • Outre stretchy camera
  • Data Cable Charger
  • Unique Metalic Body

The Huawei P20 pro remain alder prize mobile, but stagnant it has worth in market graph still on ascending order. Being highlight exceedingly wonderful novel style three lens back camera. That camera allows for 3x zoom and proves amazingly proficient at night shots. Next best feature of Huawei p20 pro consist a large, unique battery, and an even bigger display that carries sharp color on a big scale.

The Huawei pro has a great color combination with metal frame glass combination with metal frame glass from back field that grasps the color moves purple to a turquoise gloom at the lowest. Like any prize Huawei p20 pro has extraordinary recognition, a fingerprint thumb impression and 6 gigabites ram.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro:

Wg: 178 Gram

Dimensions: 154x 73.9x 7.9mm

Operating System: Android 9

Screen Size : 6 Inch

Resolution : 1080 x 2160

CPU : “Kiran” 970

RAM: “6 GB”

Storage: 128 Giga Bites

Battery : 4000mah

Back Cam : 12 Mp + 20 MP + 8 MP

Front Cam : 24 Mp

Amazing Design

Class Lading Battery

No head Jack

No wireless charging

Price : Rs. 74,999

Whereas the Huawei pro mate 10 came back in end of 2017 but its strong hand set. And whereas it is stagnant a big screen phone because of  6 inch display which is giving you lot of place to enjoy apps and HD video games. As p20 pro mate 10 pro has same battery life cheers to the large 4000 prize box in it. Whereas missing the sharp colors of Huawei newer prize, quite impresses, glass back, a metal frame nominal bezel nearby the screen and water proof feature, loud speaker budgeted as the Huawei p20 pro wonderful versatile phone for its period.







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