I made shaerwani for prince within two days, told Nauman Arfeen.

It is a handmade piece throughout we worked continually two days and two nights further told.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Princess Kate Medilton came Pakistan and stay excited surrounding during their trip on road.

Media with full of devotions still keep eyes on royal family while follow them while couple has visited a to local government school and many historical places is acknowledged, the concentration has particularly observe on what would they kind of suits and clothes wearing.

It was a happiest moment when princess wore a suite which created by local designer Mrs. Maheen Khan on the first event of princess tour. The Duchess has been making smile for the local high street by wearing accessories by Zeen Women kept dupatta by Bonanza Satrangi.

Meanwhile at night, Duke William arrived on reception hosted by the British high commission in capital Islamabad put sherwani by Pakistani brand Nahusheman by Numan Arfeen.

The sherwani was made to be based on our Pakistani patriotic color green and reflect the traditional nine button silhouette. According to designer turquoise self uv jamawar cloth which especially laced at his company was used to build the Garment.

The material was then hand blown up in a solitary tone. The front was completely overstated and there was key note on the back as well as the covers.

As I accepted the order from the Duke’s representatives,” states Nauman.

But how get to know of Naushemian to British royal family, a brand which enjoys great business in Pakistan but hasn’t made ample of an struggle at international marketing.

As Maheen Khan, Nauman also by chance stocks some of his designs at a London-based multi-label store called O’nitaa. Designs of Maheen Khan for Kate Middleton were opted by the style of Duchess team from this store. And in Nauman’s case the Duke himself showed desire about his design when he visited the store.

I received a call from O’nitaa and she ordered me if I could quickly make the turquoise green sherwani for a exceptional client who was there at the store at the time,” memories Nauman.

I questioned her who the customer was and she said that she would not tell currently. I stated to her after a period of time and asked her to send me a picture of the sherwani that she wants to make so that I had a clearer idea. She said that she couldn’t because the clothes were now in the palace. I was shocked. ‘What palace?’ I asked,” he laughs.

The Prince actually showed desire that put sherwani and took a snap so that I could recognize where he necessary the fitting to be improved. Apparently, he had really liked it. We promptly got to work once we took his measurements. It is a hand-embroidered piece so we without time waste worked day and night and prepared it in two days.

The Princess put a gown by Jenny Packham that accorded the Duke’s sherwani. And she added a dupatta with the gown. The country at large was besotted. The goodness brigade, so unluckily infatuated with the dupatta, were mainly happy.

Will the Duke be trying more clothes by Nauman? “I did ready more suits for him but I don’t know whether he will be put them,” says the designer.

The news is out in the international press, though, that Prince William has become ‘the first British royal to put a sherwani’. And the originally low-profile, designer Nauman Arfeen has had the scrupulousness of creating that sherwani. We couldn’t be pleased.

We expect that, as the royal tour endures, the Duke and Duchess are seen in further suits by Pakistani designers. According to our expectations, it’s very, very possible.

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