Want to earn some extra cash? Here is how you can become a foodpanda rider

In these testing times, who doesn’t need some extra cash?

Plus, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find jobs which are both flexible and can also pay bills.

Luckily, foodpanda has made the task somewhat easier.

If you are a student looking for a flexible job or just someone who likes being their own boss, you can become a rider at foodpanda and work on your own terms.

Interested? Here is how you can apply:

  1. Visit foodpanda’s hubs around your city and register as a walk-in rider.
  2. If you are too busy to walk-in, create an account online and sign up at rider.foodpanda.pk
  3. Next, choose your city and your preferred area of work. The selected area could be around your workplace, school or even home.
  4. Once you are done registering, a meeting would be scheduled with your area’s rider promoter, to understand the delivery job and payment structure through a small training session with a foodpanda representative.
  5. After the briefing, fill the forms, provide the required documentation and take a mandatory quiz.
  6. If you pass the quiz, congratulations! You can start delivering food and making money right away.

The position can also be applied for from the foodpanda website.

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